Cervical disc hernia

Available treatments

  1. Cervical discoplasty
  2. Cervical discectomy
  3. Cervical Arthrodesis
  4. Cervical fusion

The cervical pain  is nothing more than pain in the neck, which is either localized or radiates to the back and / or hands. The neck pain describes  a symptom in a particular area and it neither constitutes  a specific diagnosis, norit is associated with the  specific cause. The pain may appear suddenly after a sudden movement or a car accident, or slowly established and remaining for weeks or months.
The pain is a very common symptom. The neck pain affects 10% of the population each year. Usually caused by poor posture, eg someone who works in front of a computer, or drive for long hours. Although the pain may be severe, in the vast majority of cases resolves within 8-12 weeks.
In approximately 90% of cases, the pain is attributed to mechanical damage or disorders often associated with gradual changes of the cervical spine due to aging and / or excessive use of neck and shoulder.

The most common conditions that cause neck pain are:
Muscular spasm
Intervertbral disc disease
Inflammation in the area of the neck

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