In what way is neck operated?

There are many ways. The best and most painless is the use of neck cage. This cage is placed between the vertebrae without the use of plates and screws and without the post-operative complications of dysphagia and difficulty swallowing. The approach is anterior from the neck and not posterior. Everything is performed with the use of high resolution and definition microscope.


How does pain in the neck usually appear?

Every anatomic element in neck is capable of causing pain. A usual cause of pain constitutes the chronic muscle and ligament strain, occurring due to bad posture. Disc degeneration (wear) may also cause pain. Pain in the neck may abruptly appear due to a sudden move or a car accident. Nevertheless, it may be also slowly established, remaining for weeks or months.


When shall I visit a doctor for pain in the neck?

  • When pain started abruptly after a fall or car accident
  • When pain reflects in arms, in legs or is combined with numbness
  • When pain is accompanied by limb weakness or difficulty in walking


What is cervical myelopathy?

Cervical myelopathy is the result of vertebral stenosis in the neck region. In spinal cord Magnetic Resonance Imaging usually –but not always- coexists a pathological sign. It causes severe symptoms of weakness, numbness, instability and stationarity both in the upper and lower limbs.


Does every person with intervertebral disc hernia need surgical operation?

The answer is no. Many people have intervertebral disc hernias in their neck or in their waist and are monitored for years by their orthopedic or neurosurgeon. The operation’s indications for intervertebral disc hernia are:

  1. When limb weakness or paralysis appears.
  1. When pain in the neck or in waist is not treated with the conservative treatment and is unbearable. In a few words when drugs are not enough and when there is neurogenic pain with reflection in the leg or in the arm for more than 2 months.

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