Percutaneous Spinal Fusion

What is percutaneous spinal fusion?

Percutaneous spinal fusion is performed through a small incision of 2 cm to 4 cm and is almost bloodless without muscle destruction. It is substantially about the use of screws by lateral approach and not in the middle line, conducted absolutely bloodless. Endoscopic spinal fusion is recently used. Patient gets in this case up the same day with the intervention. It is performed under local anesthesia and controlled sedation and, as a result, patient walks in 1 hour and leaves the hospital the other day losing almost no blood at all.


What is the hospitalization time of the patient who has undergone open-conventional spinal fusion?

Hospitalization time is on average five days.


What is the hospitalization time of percutaneous spinal fusion or endoscopic spinal fusion?

On average one to two days.


When does a patient who has undergone open-conventional spinal fusion in his daily activities return?

After two months.


When does a patient who has undergone percutaneous spinal fusion in his daily activities return?

In three days.


When does a patient who has undergone open-conventional spinal fusion at work return?

After two months, depending of course on the type of his job.


When does a patient who has undergone endoscopic spinal fusion at work return?

In this case times are by ¼ in comparison with the open-conventional spinal fusion reduced and patient returns namely after fifteen (15) days, depending of course on type of work [for heavy physical work in month and a half (1.5 months)].


In how much centers is endoscopic spinal fusion performed?

In only 3 centers. In America, Austria and in Interbalkan Medical Center of Thessaloniki by Dr. Kapetanakis.


How much blood is required for patient transfusion in open-conventional spinal fusion?

On average two bottles.


How much blood is required for patient transfusion in microinvasive spinal fusion?

No bottle.


What is the eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF)?

It is a spinal fusion performed from an incision 2 cm from a side of the body without coming in contact to the spinal nerves.


In which vertebral levels can eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF) be conducted? 

In entire lumbar and in thoracic spine.


When can I walk after percutaneous spinal fusion?

In two hours after the surgery.


What is spinal fusion and which are its applications?

Spinal fusion is the method by which motion between two vertebrae is abolished. It can be performed in anterior or posterior vertebral portion or both, using screws, rods and other special implants. Bone implants are also used. Spinal fusion is applied in deformation correction such as scoliosis but also vertebral stenosis, in instability and in spondyloarthritis.


Can intervertebral disc replacement parallely with screws positioning be performed?

No, these are two totally opposed things. When we perform intervertebral disc replacement we must have mobility in vertebral column. Mobility is in contrast with screws and rods positioning abolished.

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