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Pain in Lumbar Spine | Spinal deformities | Spinal tumors

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Pain in Lumbar Spine

Disc degeneration
Disc hernia
Spinal stenosis

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Cervical pain

Cervical disc hernia

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Spinal Deformities

Spondylolysis- Spondylolisthesis

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Spinal Tumors

Primary tumors
Metastatic tumors

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Spine fractures

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The priority for me is the health of the patient and that is why, working with a stable team of partners, we identify the causes of the problem, we come up with the appropriate individualized treatment, emphasizing the minimally invasive techniques for a painless spine.

Stylianos Kapetanakis

Επ. Professor of Medicine, University of Thessaloniki (MD, PhD, FRCS)
Specialization at the Center for Spine and Deformities at Guy΄s & amp; St. Thomas Hospital, London.
Head of the Spine and Deformities Department at the Inter-Balkan Medical Center in Thessaloniki.

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