Spine Tumors

Always first the person, with correct diagnosis, appropriate treatment, emphasizing the Minimally Invasive Techniques

Primary tumors
Metastatic tumors

With conservative or surgical treatment if necessary

With kyphoplasty or spinal fusion

Spine Oncology

Tumors of the spine or neoplasms are categorized into benign and malignant. Consequently, and especially for malignancies, there is the following differentiation in primary ones that first appear in the spine of the human body and in secondary ones in which the pathology started in a hollow or solid organ but went to the spine. Common examples of metastatic cancers are lung, breast, prostate and kidney cancers.


The probability of the patient developing symptoms is high and is expressed as:

1. Severe localized pain in the spine which does not subside with the change of position.

2. Reflection of pain in the upper or lower extremities.

3. Weakness – Hemorrhages from the extremities.

Symptoms may suddenly increase depending on the degree of pressure on the nerves and even paraplegia.

Radiological examination

X-ray (X-RAY) and CT scan (CT). The main role with good enough clarity for the control of vertebral tumors is the MRI.


The complete treatment of a cancer requires a team of Medical specialties. However, the goal of Surgery is to reduce pain and stabilize the spine while maintaining neurological integrity.

That is, the tumor does not exert stress on the spinal cord and the roots where they emanate from it.

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